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Our dedicated business centre houses four key teams – key customers, commercial debt, income generation and the field team. We employ a varied team of nearly 50 people with a diverse range of skills, from negotiation to account management, influencing and technical knowledge of our processes. We’re committed to managing business customers as well as maximising the money we collect on behalf of Yorkshire Water.

Our key customer team look after our top 10,000 business customers. They may use a lot of water or they may have large numbers of sites in Yorkshire. The key customer team are our most experienced people, providing a dedicated service for these customers looking after billing, debt and trade effluent (where a company wants to discharge dirty water into our sewers). They work closely with Yorkshire Water’s account managers to ensure these customers get a fantastic and consistent service.

The people in commercial debt look after the other 120,000 businesses not taken care of by the key customer team. Their job is mainly outbound calling to try to get people to pay their bills and they work closely with the field team. Business customers can have their water disconnected for non-payment and this is the team that would sanction a disconnection.

Income generation does what it says on the tin. These people strive to recover as much money as possible from any Yorkshire Water customer – business or domestic – by identifying properties not currently being billed for their water, or being billed incorrectly. They analyse processes for weakenesses, as well as using our bespoke systems and the latest technology to carry out their jobs.

Our field team spend their days visiting customers on their doorstop to try to agree payment plans or to seek information. They are rarely in the office, travelling the region to try to speak to people face to face. They have all of our systems on their laptops so up-to-the-minute information about the account they are dealing with is always available to them.

Take a look at the case studies of Zoe and Tim to get a feel for what they do.

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