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Abz Khalifa: customer relationship manager – high risk debt

Abz-Khalifa-portraitHours worked each week: 37

Working pattern: Flexible, but broadly 9-5

My team is pretty much the end of the line if you owe money to Yorkshire Water. But what that means is that 90% of the people we deal with are vulnerable and in need of genuine help, as opposed to just being unwilling to pay.

It’s such a rewarding job and I love ending my day thinking I’ve made a real difference to someone by helping them deal with their arrears.

Yorkshire Water has a range of schemes available which help people in real need. Resolve, for example, is an initiative where we will write off a proportion of the debt if a person makes regular payments on their accounts for a year, and the Yorkshire Water Community Trust, which is a registered charity providing financial assistance to customers who are finding it difficult to pay their bills.

Working at Loop fits in really well with my family life as my wife also works for the company. We have two young boys so I get to work early while my wife gets them to school and then I finish around 4pm and collect them from family who have been looking after them. It’s such an advantage for us as it means my wife and I can split the responsibility of dropping off and collecting the kids, and we save a bit on childcare.

I started work for Loop in 2005 in the contact centre and have progressed through queue management and debt collections to the high risk debt team. I’ve stayed for so long not just because of how family-friendly Loop is, but also because we aren’t your typical contact centre. We’re not robots and are able to have that human touch with customers, which really makes a difference to them and how they feel they’ve been treated.

I still look forward to coming to work each morning. It’s a challenge, but a good one. When people call back to thank you, or you help someone who has gone through a bereavement or relationship breakdown, it’s really worth going that extra mile and I get a lot of satisfaction from that.

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