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Planning & MI

If you’re into numbers, processes and detail then the planning, management information and real time queue teams are for you. Between them they are responsible for planning all of the resource for the contact centre, both in the long-term and on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis. They also produce all of the reports so we can track the performance of the call centre.


The three team members are responsible for resource planning for the whole of the phone-based contact centre. Work and the associated resource is planned in 30 minute chunks but the team also produces a strategic annual plan.

You’ll need experience of workforce management to join this team as well as a love of spreadsheets and being flexible and adaptable.

 Management information

It’s important we understand our performance and use this to adapt our plans, and that’s the responsibility of this team of two. We also have to produce reports for the water industry regulator, Ofwat, and for our board and management team. You’ll need to love numbers and an understanding of contact centres is an advantage if you want to work in this team.

 Real time queue team

Working closely with planning this team of six implements the resource plan in real time. That means juggling how many people are available to answer calls according to incoming call volumes and making changes to reflect variations in the numbers.

This team is especially valuable if there’s an incident – say an area has no water due to a burst – as we can see significant increases in customers trying to speak to someone to get information.  People working in this team need to be flexible and happy working under pressure.


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