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We believe in providing the very best customer service to our client’s customers.  At Loop we uphold this at all times.  We believe in communicating with our clients and their customers as individuals, and not just reading word for word from a script. There are several characteristics which are shared by everyone at Loop. Our values of pulling together, planning ahead, understanding we can’t do things on our own, thinking outside the pipes and the fact that each and every one of us makes a difference are shown in all aspects of our work and how we work with each other.

We’ve won many awards over the years for employee engagement and for our people policies but we’re not just in it for the awards though, we really do aim to be a great place to work.

It’s all down to an approach that puts our people and our customers first.  You can see it in the quality of our working environment, our training provision, our benefits package and above all, you can see it in the attitude and ability of our team.

If you share these visions and values, isn’t it time you got in the Loop?

You can contact our Recruitment team on 0800 1385312 or email jobs@loop.co.uk

Get in touch Number One, Mid Point Business Park, Thornbury Bradford, BD3 7AY
Tel: 01274 260000 | Fax: 01274 262265
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