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A customer’s first contact with Yorkshire Water will be with us and we understand well the incredibly high standards demanded by today’s consumers.

we can handle a customer’s enquiry first time

In our bespoke Bradford contact centre we deal with customers by phone, email, letter, social media and using web chat. Our range of multi-skilled customer relationship managers can handle a customer’s enquiry first time and our aim is to exceed their expectations of great service. Many of our agents speak more than one language so we offer customers a multi-lingual service to better meet the needs of Yorkshire’s diverse population.

But Loop also provides a range of other services to Yorkshire Water including income collection and debt recovery. We help customers with issues as diverse as flooding, noisy manhole covers, unexpectedly high bills, securing help for those in debt and checking the authenticity of a person wanting to gain access to their property.

Billing & Collections

With unprecedented levels of consumer debt, companies are increasingly looking for reliable ways to ensure that they bill accurately and are able to collect money owed to them.

Here at Loop, we have many years’ experience in the billing and income field, and protecting Yorkshire Water’s income streams through effective billing and collections strategies is a key part of what we do.

In fact, Yorkshire Water was the first water company to share full customer repayment information with other credit providers through a credit reference agency. Having access to a customer’s full credit information means we can manage accounts better than ever before and in an effective and responsible way.

Billing Icon Billing

Loop’s billing teams provide Yorkshire Water with a dedicated billing and fulfilment service tailored to their individual planning, forecasting and mail needs.

On their behalf we manage a range of end-to-end billing activities, including:

Cash collection

Proactive billing of domestic customers

Document production and despatch

Meter queries and appointments

We also run an award-winning service to Yorkshire Water’s vulnerable customers providing advice and support on how to pay their bills during the challenging economic climate.

In addition to this, through our state of the art Loop mailing centre, housing our document processing and payments management team, each year we:

Print and despatch 7 million bills, reminders, final notices and letters about Yorkshire Water’s investment schemes

Manage the despatch of 1.1 million bills

Open, scan and respond to 1 million letters received from customers

Process 16.5 million customer payments

Collect in £921 million in bill payments

Yellow Heart of Loop Loop’s Collections team has achieved and retained the best debt collectors in the water industry for 14 consecutive years
Collection Icon Collection

Loop provides debt management solutions for Yorkshire Water. A unique range of skill, data and cutting-edge techniques ensure that our clients’ debt problems are minimised and cash flow maximised.

Our staff and our flexible debt management system allow us to provide a comprehensive service tailored to Yorkshire Water’s needs.

The Collections team have responsibility each year for:

The collection of debt from 2.1 million Yorkshire Water customers

Answering incoming customer calls

Proactively contacting customers by calling and texting

Answering written contacts from customers and third party organisations including customer complaints

Issuing county court claims and court enforcements

Working with external companies to issue High Court enforcement

Identifying vulnerable customers who may be eligible to join special Yorkshire Water schemes or the Department for

Work and Pensions water direct scheme

Visiting customers and working with external debt collection agencies

Identifying the best debt solutions for individual customers

Tracing customers where we have not been provided with new address details

Sharing account information with Credit Reference Agencies

Developing successful relationships with Citizens Advice Bureaus and other debt advisor organisations

On behalf of Yorkshire Water, Loop’s Collections team has achieved and retained the best debt collectors in the water industry for 14 consecutive years. The team has also achieved external recognition by winning Credit Today and Customer Service Awards.

Red Heart of Loop The team has also achieved external recognition by winning Credit Today and Customer Service Awards