Our Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide to our recruitment process. Good luck!

Blue Heart of Loop 1. Is the role for me?
Yellow Heart of Loop 2. Apply
Green Heart of Loop 3. Telephone interview
Red Heart of Loop 4. Face to face interview
Blue Heart of Loop Step 1 – Is the role for you?

Review the role requirements and FAQ’s to decide whether the role is for you.

Yellow Heart of Loop Step 2 - Apply

You can apply by clicking here or if you need more information and have questions about the role you can contact our Recruitment team on 0800 1385312 or email jobs@loop.co.uk. We will require information about your previous employment or experience so be prepared with a CV with dates showing previous jobs, make sure you sell your previous experience around the skills we are looking for in the role advert.

Green Heart of Loop Step 3 – Telephone Interview

We will review your application and if you have the relevant experience and skills we will arrange a telephone interview with you. These usually last around 20 to 30 minutes and are a chat about the role with time to assess your verbal communication skills. We will also want to check your suitability for the role and will ask you some short competency based questions. This is where we explore your experience so to prepare, look at the skills you already have and how they can be applied to the role you’re interested in. If you are successful you will be invited in for an assessment.

Red Heart of Loop Step 4 – Face to Face Interview & Assessment

We are nearly there, have confidence that your skills are a potential good match for the role and now we know each other a bit more, this is our opportunity to meet face to face. This last stage of the interview process we will be to explore your examples through a competency-based interview with a practical exercise too. Here’s your chance to shine and show what you can do, be brave and sell your skills.

That’s it! All done, the next stage if you are successful are the employment checks followed by your start day with Loop.

Click here to apply if this sounds like the right career for you.


We look forward to receiving your application!
Helen Smithies