Recruitment Hints & Tips

Recruitment Hints and Tips

If you are interested in applying for a role with us you will need to apply by completing our online application form – check out our current opportunities here.

Yellow Heart of Loop Here are some useful tips when applying to work with us at Loop
What happens once you have applied?

If you are applying for a role in our contact centre and your application has been successful, we will contact you via our recruitment portal to set up a telephone interview to assess your verbal communication skills and understanding of the role. This takes up to 30 minutes and if you’re successful with the first part of our telephone interview we will ask you some competency-based questions. If you aren’t familiar with competency based questions these are questions we ask you to explore your experience, where we will ask you for specific examples of where you have displayed this competency in your previous roles in your career so far.

Answers should be structured to allow your interviewer to gain a good understanding of how you have displayed the competency, so we recommend the STAR technique, describing:

  • the Situation you faced
  • the Task required as a result to resolve the situation
  • the Action you took
  • the Result of that action
What does the Assessment Centre involve?

If your telephone interview is successful, we’ll then invite you to attend an Assessment Centre where we will give you a tour of the workplace to see for yourself why we think Loop is a great place to work. There will be a presentation to provide more information into the role you have applied for and you will take part in some assessments which may include a call simulation exercise, written assessment to test your spelling and grammar and an interview which will include more competency questions. You could be with us for up to 3 hours depending on your performance so please ensure you have put enough time aside

As this role is a Customer Experience role we recommend that you have a think about times when you have dealt with customers and times when you have provided a great experience and be prepared to talk about these with us at your assessment.

What’s involved in the call simulation exercise?

As the role involves talking to our valued customers on the phone, we will be looking for a good telephone manner, professionalism and ability to build rapport. We will also be checking your levels of literacy and numeracy. It’s important that all our team can write and manage numbers as you’ll be dealing with account information, calculating customers’ payments and adding memos to accounts. You will be given a scenario with plenty of time beforehand to prepare and be given the opportunity to listen to a demo call. You will then put on a headset and away you go!

If you have made it through all the assessments, we will get in touch to let you know the outcome, we aim to do this within 2 working days.

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